SkyWaveBirdDX Official Website

"The Main Source of DX this side of the Pacific.."

Hello there! Welcome to my website. I am SkyWaveBirdDX, also known as Mat. I am an avid SWL/DX'er here in sunny Southern California. I am also an amateur radio operator. Radio has intrigued me for some time now, and as soon as the DX/SWL vibes wanned over, I never looked back. Today, I find a lot of my free time used for this hobby, and I have had a lot of fun up to this point.

Here is my receivers that I use to DX:

Here are the transcievers that I use for amateur radio operations:

List of Antennas I use for both my receivers and transcievers:

Here is a list of DX Logs I have compiled for various radio spectrums (More to be uploaded here soon!):

Official Shortwave Log [Last Update: May 2020]

Official Mediumwave Logs [Last Update: April 2021]

Official Broadcast FM Logs [Last Update: August 2021]